Its all started when I am Katherine Paige being 12 years old wanted to have a doll as my Christmas present. I never got one but I remembered the feeling of something missing. My parents gave me all they could and the feeling of "little things" made me believe -All is Possible. First thing coming to USA was trip to the toy store. Trying to make my dreams come true I got my first doll. Trying to survive all alone in a big country I met my husband to be. Fast forward Paige was born. Our beloved first child. But growing up and becoming an adult never made me forget the feeling of never played doll. When Paige turned 6 years old my journey on creating doll clothes started. From skirts to tops, form jeans to sweaters. Paige loved all I made for her dolls. Since then I've decided to share my passion on creating and making doll clothes that Ive always dreamed of since 12 years old.
Now my dream came true and I want to bring yours by providing to you on trend doll clothes at affordable prices. We create our unique items and choosing the right fabrics. Each garment is created by hand and and made with love. Love for dolls and passion in fashion.

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